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Candy Crusaders at it again

Sunday, October 21, 20121159 views

The candy crusaders are at it again, and this time they want as much of your candy as you are willing to give up.

“We had just over 100 pounds of candy last year,” candy crusader organizer Drew Both said. “This year, we want to double that.”

The candy crusaders were created last year as a way to help the Festival of Trees. In the children’s section at the festival, there are small bags filled with candy that are sold for a dollar or less to young patrons. The Both’s got the idea to donate the candy so it wouldn’t cost festival organizers anything to offer the items to young kids.

“Primary Children’s [Medical Center] does so much for kids, that this seemed like an easy thing for us to do to help,” Drew said.

Last year the Both’s begged their friends and family members for their unwanted or unneeded candy after Halloween and were shocked at the support they got. This year, they have branched out of West Jordan and have candy drop off points in several cities, including Lehi and Centerville, and local schools are helping as well.

“The kids at my school think it’s really cool,” fifth-grader Zack Both said. “The school PTA sent out a note to parents and all my friends say they are going to bring their candy to us.”

The Both’s have volunteered at the Festival of Trees for many years. A few years ago it got personal when Carina Both’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She beat the cancer, and that year the family did a tree in her honor.

“The festival promotes remembering and honoring through people who have all lost something but feel blessed, and that’s the meaning of Christmas to me; celebrating Christ in all things good and seemingly bad,” Carina Both said.

Then in September the family was rushed to PCMC where Zach underwent emergency surgery to remove his appendix.

“It wasn’t that great to be in the hospital, but everyone there had smiles on their faces and wanted to help me no matter what,” Zack said. “It makes you want to do something back, to help them.”

While he was in the hospital recovering, the brothers got an idea and decided they would go trick or treating on behalf of the candy crusaders and donate their stash.

“We got pillow cases and while we were at the hospital we decorated and put the Candy Crusaders on them so people will know what we are doing,” Drew said.

They won’t be alone. Scouts from the area will join the boys going door to door trick or treating for the cause.

“There is a great brotherhood of scouts out there and I am so glad they are willing to help,” Drew said.

Candy donations can be dropped off at 2446 West Jordan Meadow Lane in West Jordan, 4589 Barnsley Lane in South Jordan, 1613 North 400 West in Centerville and 791 South 925 West in Lehi. Candy can be dropped off between Oct. 27 and Nov. 10.


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