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Students sew dolls for charity

Wednesday, December 12, 20121514 views

Cindy Jensen, owner of the Totally Bodacious Sewing Academy for Girls in West Jordan, saw designs for what she called “Ugly Dolls,” the actual name for a line of stuffed dolls. She thought it would be a fun project for students in her school, so she made up the pattern and had her students make one.

Then she got the idea to have her students make a whole bunch of the dolls and donate them to charity. Jensen brought the idea to her students just before Halloween. On Nov. 1, the girls got started on making 50 dolls and renamed them “Totally Bodacious Pets.” Each doll also comes with its own blanket.

Jensen always wanted to open a sewing school. About three years ago when she and her husband finished their basement, they made a sewing and craft room. She decided to transform the room into her school. She had two sewing machines, and her husband bought the rest to total eight machines. It was her dream-come-true.

“I try to instill in my students that you're never too old or young to achieve a dream,” she said. She currently has 20 students, with each class having four girls in it. The girls range in age from 9 to 17.

She starts out teaching them the basics. They like to do things based around holidays like Halloween and Mother's Day.

“I supply all the materials they will need for the project, unless they want to make something with special fabric,” Jensen said. “I don't let them take home the project until it is done because I don't want it to become an unfinished project.” She has made an exception on the dolls so that they can get more of the dolls completed. Jensen has also invited her past students to participate in this project.

When the dolls are completed, they will sew a tag on them to explain who made the dolls. Then they have several local organizations they donate to.

“We want to keep them in the community,” Jensen said. The most fun  thing for her students has been making each doll special and unique in some way, she said. Each doll is different.

For more information, contact Jensen at 801-201-3374. She is also on Facebook.

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